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The United States Distance Learning Accreditation Council (USDLAC) is an independent not-for-profit global accreditation agency responsible for regulating and assuring sustainable quality education in all academic institutions/universities worldwide. USDLAC accreditation is recognized as the mark of educational excellence in the private and government sector.

Almost a decade ago United States Distance Learning Accreditation Council was established and it is serving colleges, universities, and students and society through creating a system of successful private sector self-regulation higher education. Moreover, USDLAC has been offering profiles and analyses of accreditation practices, policies and emerging issues.

USDLAC accreditation process scrutinizes the intuition as a whole including teaching practices, administration, and delivery of the courses to ensure that the required standard are being met.

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USDLAC accredits all types of institution, including universities, colleges, training organizations and distance learning providers.

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USDLAC News & Events

USDLAC leading the way on academic quality assurance

22 June - 2019

USDLAC chairman announced the launching of a platform to facilitate universities into meeting the quality and standards criteria, assisting them in becoming globally recognized. The platform aims to create a collaborative and interactive environment for institutes to discuss their academic issues and facilitate them in overcoming the concerns, and establishing academic excellence.

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Modern day challenges and the accredited educational institutes

24 June - 2019

The United States Distance Learning Accreditation Council is highly committed to bringing exceptional excellence and brilliance to the various regulations, policies, and procedures that are extensively adopted for evaluating and ensuring the highest quality standards for higher education.

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UpComing Events

22 June - 2019

Discussion on skill gap and reshaping formal education

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07 August - 2019

Annual education conference on new e-teaching methods

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19 May - 2018

Annual Workshop for Improving Higher Education Standards

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Academic Accreditation

We offer accreditation services for colleges, universities and other educational institutions. The service gives a mark of educational quality to institutions.

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Degree Attestation System

We render genuine and rapid degree attestation services to facilitate students by scrutinizing and verifying their academic documents for further education or employment.

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Equivalence Degree Issuance

USDLAC offers equivalency certificate to students who have acquired their education from countries outside of US or Canada and are interested in furthering their education.

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