Discussion on skill gap and reshaping formal education

USDLAC hosted a discussion to address the gap between academics and relevant skills. The discussion provided a platform for stakeholders to explore strategies that can be adopted to make course reforms for a more knowledge based curriculum.

The modifications to the curriculum are suggested in a quest to promote learning with hopes of academic revolution, identifying the gaps, creating strategies and reshaping education. Part of the discussion suggested universities to adopt the best global practices to boost literacy and relevant skills in the learners.

With high hopes to creating a transformed education sector, the USDLAC representative said, “We anticipate to reshape formal education sector, crafted into segment that understands the needs of the society. The conference is expected to transform the educational system by adopting resolutions that ensure that said goals are achieved”

USDLAC works to promote quality education and ensures the integrity of the educational sectors, and institutes in maintained. Working to establish and preserve the sanctity of the system, USDLAC aims to create a system where competency based education is promoted to boost the skills, talents and creativity of the learners.