Annual education conference on new e-teaching methods

In a recent conference discussion held by USDLAC, leading faculty from around the world convened to discuss the new e-learning methods and piloted teaching models to increase student engagement and finding ways to improve academic outcomes.

The consortium brought forward their researches and outcomes from testing new methods to attract and engage students. The researches included various web-based learning and digital learning systems, focusing on ways to make teaching methods of these channels more fruitful.

The new teaching model included ways to assist the struggling distance learning in taking a courses online and seeking support. Incorporating mind mapping, self-learning, instructional design of curriculum and adaptive learning in the new teaching methods. The consortium emphasized on the importance of creating a supportive learning environment for students, to engage learners by establishing virtual presence and supporting students to maintain a n effective learning environment.

The significant role of mobility of e-learning content was also discussed, Mobile learning allows students to access course material anytime anywhere through which they can study at their own pace, increasing both performance and productivity. Faculty needs to ensure the readily availability of learning content to get the most out of their teaching methods, creating a collaborative and flexible learning environment.